Our values

Serving a balanced economy
Because it is possible to maintain the right balance between economic dynamism and societal commit-ment, OGL is not just investing, but investing itself.

Serving harmonious growth
Because the quest for harmonious growth builds sustainable growth, OGL works to favour diversified activity.

Serving responsible development
Because there can be no genuine development without a responsible vision, OGL forms part of an approach emphasising sustainability and civic responsibility.


When wishing to develop activities at international level, it is important to “think globally”, investing with discernment in a global context. But it is equally essential to take account of the customs and different cultures of the continent where we are trying to become established. OGL ASSOCIATES provides advice and support for its clients in their African ventures.


OGL began its banking sector activities in 2015. With OGL PARTICIPATIONS and its two companies, the group is currently active on the African continent through BGFIBANK Benin and the investment bank Keysfinance Partners. Its operations serve economic and industrial projects, with beneficial effects apparent at the regional level. OGL PARTICIPATIONS is also part of the NOVAREA SA pool of shareholders, owner of a cashew processing plant.


Its investments in property – initially in Africa and France – allow OGL PROPERTIES to work to encourage economic dynamism in countries, regions or companies. With the property companies ACAJOU, CHOCOLAT and PAUL CAREEN & IDY, the company is embracing all property activities for their own full project development or for projects undertaken in partnership.


The first historical field of activity in which OGL invested, the world of telecommunications represents the core business of the OGL TELECOM division. Its expertise ranges from technology to digital regulation, including traffic management or management of the digital economy. And through TELSIG Ltd, OGL TELECOM provides advice to the national regulatory bodies.

OGL Fondation

Africa is the world’s youngest continent.

It has a population full of potential, energy and plans.
In parallel with (or rather right at the heart of) OGL activities,
the future
OGL FOUNDATION wants to play its part to the full.

On the fringes (or in the heart) of OGL’s activities,
the future OGL foundation wishes to entirely play its role.