Consultancy and support on the African continent

Starting a business activity in industry, property or the service sector, or more generally making an investment on a continent other than one’s own, can be a delicate and often risky operation.

Legislation plays an important role in making a business successful, but so do historical and cultural factors.

Active in the heart of Africa for many years, after being founded by Oswald Louéké, who was born in Africa, studied in Africa throughout his university degree, and built up his professional career in various African countries – OGL ASSOCIATES specifies and analyses the requirements of its customers prior to their entry into the African market.

A bespoke service

OGL ASSOCIATES is intended to work with small companies, medium-sized business and large groups, as well as public-sector organisations.

OGL ASSOCIATES is also an investment bank. The ambition is genuine: the goal is to become one of the benchmark intermediation institutions for the African continent, more specifically for West Africa.

In addition, as well as the technical expertise provided by OGL ASSOCIATES, its clients can benefit from the mastery of the markets and the knowledge held by Oswald Louéké’s institutions, as well as from his relationship with key players in the economy and influential business leaders.

OGL ASSOCIATES offers a genuinely high-level and bespoke service to those wanting to pursue development in Africa.