Property investments: security and development

Although property is considered a safe bet in the world of investments, it is also a first-rate development trajectory for countries, regions, companies or even just individuals.

By bringing stimulation to the dynamics of the property sector, economies are consolidated and diversified, businesses prosper and new activities emerge.

This was the reason for the founding of OGL PROPERTIES, to consolidate the OGL group and provide it with the opportunity to operate not only in Africa, but also in other countries.

This division of the OGL group is made up of the property companies ACAJOU, CHOCOLAT and PAUL CAREEN & IDY, respectively specialising in property sales, rental management and property project development.

Diversified property activity

With OGL PROPERTIES, the property sector of the OGL group is growing steadily. Although the company implemented its first rental investment in 2015 in the Republic of Mauritius before purchasing property in France and carrying out some other activity in Côte d’Ivoire and Benin, it now has numerous ongoing projects, mainly on the African continent.

With ACAJOU, CHOCOLAT and PAUL CAREEN & IDY, OGL PROPERTIES is aiming to diversify its investments in the professional or private property domain – the tourism sector also represents a prime centre of interest.

By operating on several fronts, OGL PROPERTIES can expand its field of possibilities.

With ACAJOU, the OGL group is gaining the means to act in the property sales market. Whether operating in the professional or private sector, in Africa or in other regions of the world, ACAJOU acts for OGL Properties.

In order to complete its property options, the OGL group created CHOCOLAT. This rental management company works for properties rented to individuals, but also professionals, on the African continent or elsewhere.


a promising market

With PAUL CAREEN & IDY, OGL Properties has chosen to invest in tourism, a market forming a local development vector for many businesses.
Several property projects are underway or planned, particularly on African territory.