Telecommunications: a market undergoing non-stop revolution

The areas of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and telecommunications bring together some very different professions. OGL TELECOM operates in the telecommunications industry, both in engineering and in traffic management, and even in management of the digital economy.

In addition, with TELSIG, OGL TELECOM is positioned as an organisation with a high level of expertise in the regulatory field in Africa.

Today, the company provides advice to, among others, the governments of Congo Brazzaville, the Central African Republic and Gabon. TELSIG engineers perform a large number of different activities, including: clearing houses for interconnections, traffic metering and invoicing, income insurance or even fraud management

The NOC of the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Agency (ARCEP) in Gabon

Reglementations in interconnected environnements:
an international expertise

After launching, then leading for almost 15 years a panafrican magazine (Réseau Télécoms), and creating and animating an international event (Africa Telecom People) for 13 years, Oswald Louéké started TELSIG in 2010.

The company quickly becomes the group’s keystone. If this company specialized in reglementation amongst interconnected environments has a global vocation, it assists especially african governments in problematic issues in the fight against fraud and incoming and outgoing traffic gestion while intervening in a global manner on numerical economies management. In association with various experts, it accompanies the national authorities of regulation of telecommunications.

The partnerships that are put in place are based on technological instruments supplies and offer their total control. TELSIG’s team is proud of helping its clients by proposing regulation tools in their respective markets.