The current investment holding activities of OGL Associates Holding are two-fold :
1. in companies which hold trading contracts in the oil and energy sector and
2. in projects which are dedicated to the construction of social housing in Africa

Social Housing in Africa

Strong demographic growth and urban sprawl, planning “failures”, areas of illegal occupation and informal housing, and reforms concerning “good governance” are all recurring themes in institutional reports and scientific analysis on the subject of African cities.

In the name of economic growth and the fight against poverty, the issue of urban development is back on the agendas of both policymakers and lenders. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and UN‑Habitat are once again advocating technical interventions in urban areas, albeit not without links to the credos of decentralization and participation. This has led to a range of stakeholders reactivating or launching development projects, first and foremost state authorities themselves. It is within this framework that new, “social” property-development and housebuilding programmes have been initiated.